2 Mountains 2 Streams

In most startup companies, there is a seed of an idea that can be expressed in many ways. Our challenge was to capture the heart of the young entrepreneur and his love for Grand County, Colorado, and a burning desire to help preserve the Fraser River. While we had the opportunity to teach the owner the why’s and how’s of branding and marketing, the challenge we faced was trying to create an approach that married with his guttural sense, defined his aspiration, and represented his taste in clothing.

The name “Two Mountains, Two Streams” comes from the setting of his childhood stomping grounds. Given the desired brand execution, we created a family of brand components that would provide options to address the different types of merchandise on which the identity would live. In addition to the logo, we developed two marks and a series of iconography as tools to express the brand. We developed a suggested product line, the branding on the products, and a simple retail site on which the products could be sold.

Branding – logo family

Branding – logo family

Branding – logo family

Branding – brand elements: icons

Graphic Standards – fonts

Graphic Standards – logo usage and colors

Graphic Standards – merchandise rules

Graphic Standards – social media

Merchandise Suggestions