100 Things to Do in Winter Park

Winter Park is an outdoor playground in all four of the seasons, and offers many in-town activities as well as in the surrounding Grand County. Many equate Winter Park, the area, with Winter Park Resort, with skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. We wanted to expand the awareness of all the things there are to do as a draw to come, stay, and play.

We developed a campaign called 100 Things to Do in Winter Park, and created a badge system to represent these activities.  Reminiscent of scouting badges, we wanted to create an exciting and visual way to relay the variety and generate the nostalgic impulse to collect them all or cross them off the list. We created a website, The Winter Park 100, posters, and collateral pieces. We created individual activity files to use as content in blogs, social media, and public relations. We worked with the area hotels and restaurants to also promote this campaign as a way to entice visitors.

The Winter Park 100 website

The Winter Park 100 website

Detail page on Winter Park 100 website

Inside spread of kids menu with WP100 badges to color

Seasonal 9×12 poster highlighting fall/winter activities

Large poster with all of the badges