Culture Counts

Culture Counts coaches leaders to build thriving organizations. They partner with leaders to create sustainable growth and help them build organizations where people create better business results and experience greater purpose and joy. Our challenge was that ‘culture’ and ‘coaching’ are commonly used terms that have a wide range of meanings to different people and in different contexts. Culture Counts found themselves distinguishing what they do and how they do it by outlining all the things they weren’t and didn’t do.

Our solution was to better define what they meant by ‘culture’ and ‘coaching’ in the context of business and anchor those definitions in branded processes that create tangible results. We reworked their logo, created a new website, created collateral, speaker kits, e-communication templates, and developed a strategic marketing plan. We helped them define and formalize their processes, and named and branded these ‘tools’ to create tangible and marketable assets.

Culture Counts old logo to new logo

Branding – logo.  Old logo to new logo

Collateral and Packaging – The Play Book

Culture Counts packaing interior booklet

Collateral and Packaging – The Play Book, interior booklet

Culture Counts packaging interior booklet, open

Collateral and Packaging – The Play Book, interior booklet, open

Culture Counts Speaker kits - Whitney

Speaker Kits

Culture Counts Life-Cycle Change

Branding – Tools, Life Cycle of Culture Change


Culture Counts Overview work system

Branding – Work System

Culture Counts You Are Here

Branding – Tools, You are Here

Culture Counts Triangle

Branding – Tools, Triangle

Speaker Kit – Effective Leaders