Occasions Catering

Occasions Catering, Denver’s oldest catering company, was founded in 1970 as Occasions by Sandy. It acquired its new name when it was sold in 2008. They have a loyal following but aren’t really defined amongst their competitive set or distinctly known. They are great generalists. Our challenge was to define their brand value and find ways to express that brand value throughout their marketing and operations.

We revamped their identity, website, proposals, gifts, truck wraps and uniforms. We also added in elements throughout their systems that embodied their branding — handwritten thank you notes, etc.

Branding – logo development

Branding – logo and mark development.

Identity Work – two sided business cards, front

Identity Work – two sided business cards, back

Created the graphic standards for the new identity work.

Conducted a comprehensive survey of social and corporate customers, event planners, etc to understand their brand perception.

Strategy Work – Brand Pillar development as the basis for the identity work

Reworked the proposal format they send to clients as part of the rebranding process.

Truck Wraps – we created a campaign of truck and van designs utilizing the new branding and introducing the iconography – a component to our visual brand approach.

Uniforms – casual, front

Uniforms – casual, back

Website Design – Home Page


Website Design – Menus & Events Page